Privacy Policy

You are landed on the Privacy Policy Page of the “HowNet Info” web portal. The privacy policy of any organization tells you how the organization is utilizing the data collected by them about the users. We will disclose the ways in which the web portal collects, use, or disclose the personal information of any customer.

The personal information will be used only for the benefit of the users of the website like to provide them a smooth flow with the content of the website, keep updating them about the current culture of updates, and provide them improved user interface. The user who is using our services is agreed to our rules of privacy policy.

Information Collection And Use

The user who is using our services and accessing the content may ask to provide personal information like their full name, email id, address, etc. Personal information is not limited to these parameters we may ask you to fill in the form or you put in comments.

Data Log

When any user comes to our web portal, the web browser sends us LOG DATA. The file of LOD DATA contains the IP address of your computer (Internet Protocol Address), the name of the browser you are using, and the version of your browser, the log file also contains the name of the page you visited and on which date, on what time and it may also include the time period you spent on our web portal.


The website asks their user to accept the Cookies for a better experience of their website. Cookies are some programs that contain user-specific data and are stored on your hard disk. The cookies help the user to experience enhanced functionality of the website. The company asks you before setting the cookies to your computer, you have the option to accept it or deny it. But there is no harm in accepting the cookies. If you did not accept the cookie, you may not be able to use some functions of the website.


The website promise to the security of the personal information of every user. But our web portal may contain external links to other websites and if you use their service then you are responsible for their privacy policy, not ours. Your personal information security is our responsibility but we can not guarantee to its 100% security as there is internet in between.

Links To Other Sites

We have links to other web portals on our website. And the other web platform have their privacy policies, when you click on the links, we advised you to first check their privacy policies and then utilize their service because we can guarantee our privacy policy but not others.


We share information with our users that is helpful in many ways to them. If in any way the information disregards the law or has any problems then inform us.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is subject to change, we can update it at any time, the user who is using our services should keep updating them by reading our privacy policy from time to time.