Top 10 Work From Home Online Jobs- Salary $10- $30 per hour

Top 10 Work From Home Online Jobs: Hello guys, will you want to make some part-time income source for yourself. There are diverse choices to generate part-time income and utilize the free time wisely. Most people want to do some work which pays well, but they are not aware of how to start the work from home and what type of work is suitable for them, is the work is genuine or not. We’ve covered jobs that are going to give you $10- $30 hourly.

Top 10 Work From Home Online Jobs: Important Details

There are so many questions that arise when someone talks about online work-from-home jobs. I am here to help you with the extra source of income that everyone can have. So, guys, don’t worry about these questions related to online work.

Many websites pay so well that people left their full-time job and converted the part-time job into full-time jobs. Have a look at the types of work that can be done sitting at home.

Start with Online Typing WFH Jobs in India:

An online typing job is a great choice for all of us. These typing jobs do not require higher qualifications or specific eligibility requirements. If you are 12th qualified, then you can apply for the Online Typing jobs.

The good thing is that some companies even provide offline work, so there is no need for an internet connection. For an online typing job, your typing speed will help to finish the work quickly. And if you do not make typing mistakes or grammar mistakes, it will further increase your speed.

But, if you don’t have the typing skills, then don’t worry about this. You can learn typing skills on your own with little practice. All you have is the passion for doing something. If you are passionate enough about earning money, then you will find your way. There is no investment in this job. All of you have is the laptop/Dekstop and internet connection.

How much can you earn an online salary through Typing Jobs?:

The earning money totally depends on you, your skills, your daily working time, and the experience of typing. If you do accurate and fast work, you obviously finish the work quickly, take more projects, and earn more. The average, one can earn up to $25 to $30 in a day from the typing work, and in a month, one can make up to $800 to $1200.

Start Online Form Filling Work:

Online form filling is also a great option for part-time work. Companies provide customer data, employee information, etc., to you. And they need the data to be entered into the forms. Companies themselves provide the software and credentials to enter data online.

This is the easiest work and requires attentiveness to enter the correct data into the online forms. The paying structure may be on a per form basis or monthly basis. Some companies give the salary on weekdays.

Online Data Entry Work:

Online data entry work has many types. Almost every organization needs a data entry operator for daily routine work and maintenance purposes. The companies are shifting towards digitalization, and they are hiring work from home basis data entry operators. For data entry work, you require good typing speed, communication skills, and accuracy.

You will get the online data entry work in pdf, images, audio files, word files. And the company will provide the output structure and format to you. Just follow the instructions and do the work. It does not require any investment. You should have some basic skills only. So guys, don’t wait and apply for the data entry work.

Data Entry Jobs Salary

Data entry job rates vary based on your experience. Most of the companies give payment on an hourly basis. Freshers may get started from $8, and at the experienced level, a person may get $40 for an hour. 

On average, one can earn from $21000- $40000 in a year. And approximately it will become $27000 in a year. In a month, a person can earn from $1600 to $6000. The salary totally depends on you. The salary will be calculated based on the number of hours in a day you are working and the number of days in a month. Full-time workers earn more than part-time data entry clerks

Register For Easy Copy Paste Online Jobs:

Copy-paste job is not the difficult one. The companies will give you data in one file. They want you to copy/paste the input data into another platform. There may be some formatting changes for the data, and maybe you have to transfer the data from one platform to another. It depends on the requirement of the company. You can do this work part-time.

Earn By SMS Jobs/Mobile That Gives Daily Income:

Nowadays, so many companies have their apps, which you can download on the mobile phone. These companies are giving work daily. You have to complete the task within a day. After the compilation of the task, your points will increase, and you will get paid when 1000 or whatever number of points is set by the company.

You can take these jobs for half an hour a day and earn up to $300 to $500 by utilizing your free time. The task may include click ads, following someone on Instagram or Facebook, etc. This work is with on investments from your side.

Begin Amazon Online Work:

Amazon is a famous company which is supporting local shopkeepers. Local shopkeepers or small home-based workers can post their products on the Amazon app and can sell their products online to anyone.

If you are not a worker then also there is a job for you. You can choose a shop nearby and start selling products from that shop on the Amazon platform to earn a good commission. This is the most trusted platform, and payment methods are user-friendly.

Start Google Internet Jobs:

Google is a renowned company. There are numerous jobs, and google is giving to individuals. Google does not ask for the registration charges. You can search for google jobs and can do them to earn part-time income.

The jobs can be captcha typing and others. Google company is a good option for doing part-time online jobs from home. The online jobs requirements are very less like you need only a laptop, internet connection and have to master a skill.

Generate Income from Instagram and Facebook Pages:

you can also generate income from the Facebook page and Instagram profiles. You can make your profile and post about something regularly. When your followers are more, then you can utilize your account to advertise products. More the followers more will be the income. You can check famous Instagram people’s income. You can be one of them. And the good thing is that the whole process is free.

Join Paid Survey Online Jobs Without Investment WFH:

The companies are very much interested in their brand values. They want to know what customers feel about their product, the people’s experience, for what improvements the people are looking for, etc. There are so many questions for which the companies want to know the honest answers from the people. For this purpose, companies take surveys and collect data from the customers.

Sometimes the companies hire a third party to collect the user data. So you can also be a [art of the surveys and solve survey daily. The companies will provide you survey based on your age, interest, your location, etc. Some points are added to your account to provide answers to one survey. After you have sufficient points in your account, then the company will convert points into payment. The payment will then get transferred to your bank account. This is an interesting job.

Start Online Teaching Profession From Home:

The people who love teaching and have knowledge of any subject like Maths, Science, Computer, Coding, Engineering, Arts, Dance, Singing, Yoga, NEET, etc. Then you can choose the online teaching option. The companies like Veddantu, Whitehat Jr are hiring talented people to teach students all over the globe. You have to master only the subject, and these companies are giving outstanding salaries on an hourly basis. You will get paid for one lecture, and they asked you to take at least 30 lectures in a week. You can proceed to the online teaching platforms and submit your resume there.

The company will inform you as per the necessity. The hiring process may include a written online test, demo rounds, online interview. Sometimes they asked you to give demo lectures on specified topics. An online teaching career is an excellent opportunity for you.

Salary Payout:

The below table will show you the type of job and how much time you are going to spend in a single day. The table will have the daily earnings, and you will get an idea of how much you can make by working from home online.

Types of Typing Work Daily Working Timings Daily Earnings
Form Filling Job 1 to 3 Hours $3 -$5
Content Writing Job 2000 to 4000 Words $8 -$15
Text Typing Job 20 Pages $5 – $10
Data Entry Job 4 to 5 Hours $10 – $15
Ad Copywriting Job 1000 to  2500 Words $14 – $20
Audio To Text Conversion Job 3 Hours $10 – $14
Translation Typing Job 15 Pages $15 – $30
Proof-Reading Job 2.5 to 3 Hours $15 – $25


You have so many options for Work From Home Online Jobs and the requirements for the job is only laptop or internet connection. You should check all the job details carefully and then select one of the online work-from-home job types. Then do some research on that job and register yourself in the company.

There is no investment in this job, and registration is free of cost. Just make your profile attractive or submit your updated resume to the company. Apply as per the instructions set by the company. If you find any complexity, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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