10 Fully-Remote Jobs That Pay $100+ an Hour

By | April 30, 2023

The work-from-home movement has greatly advanced as a result of the worldwide epidemic. According to a poll conducted by the freelancing website Upwork in April 2020, more than half of the US workforce was engaged in remote work. A little over half of recruiting managers used remote talent prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Currently, that percentage is 94%.

Everyone interested in working from home and reaping its advantages should be happy about this.

This article will examine 10 remote employment opportunities, several of which provide entry-level positions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for these positions is expected to continue until 2030. They pay well—more than the $45,760 national median annual wage—and are expected to remain in great demand (BLS).

1. Benefits Analyst

Possible Salary: $120 per hour

The maintenance of a company’s retirement, health, and other benefit plans falls under the purview of a qualified financial position known as a benefits analyst. As is the case with many office-based finance professions, this job can simply be converted into a completely remote position.

One position we found offered a one-year contract for $120 per hour. Benefits analysts need to have between five and seven years of experience, and they should be particularly knowledgeable in Workday, ADP, and the Fidelity platform for 401(k) recordkeeping.

2. Art Director

The salary range for an art director: is $66K-$101K

The visual aesthetic and tone of periodicals, newspapers, websites, product packaging, and other media are under the control of art directors. Conceptualizing visual direction, selecting design components, supervising graphic designers or other personnel, and presenting designs to customers are typical responsibilities of this high-paying remote position. A bachelor’s degree in art or a closely related field is required, as well as prior professional experience, for art directors. See further art-related employment.

3. Product Marketer

$100 per hour as a salary

A product marketer is in charge of creating and maintaining a thorough marketing strategy to boost sales of a certain product or line of goods. This might apply to anything from hair care products to incredibly complicated software systems.

One company, Vaco, is looking for product marketers for a nine-month contract position that pays $100 per hour. This function’s responsibilities would include organizing and implementing marketing campaigns, developing and monitoring marketing analytics, monitoring budgets, and making recommendations to improve sales and customer acquisition success.

4. Computer Support Specialist

Pay: $61,704

Jobs are expected to expand by 9% (as fast as average)

Computer support professionals assist people and organizations with the setup and maintenance of their computers, software, and networks. They are often referred to as computer technicians or IT support specialists. Customers may contact computer support professionals via phone, email, chat, or using remote help software.

5. Marketing Director

Pay Scale for Marketing Director: $47K-$149K

By planning and executing marketing initiatives, a marketing director will guide a marketing division. It is a frequent responsibility to carry out research and analyze trends in order to create a marketing strategy. A marketing director normally needs a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience.

Although certain positions may require a marketing degree, the majority of digital marketing is now not taught in conventional universities. But, similar degrees or marketing-specific degrees may be helpful. Yet, you might also end up in this position by developing products that you market and studying on your own.

6. Freelance Interpreter

Up to $100 per hour might be a freelance interpreter’s possible wage.

Do you have a strong command of both English and the other language? You may earn a solid livelihood as a freelance translator facilitating cross-cultural and linguistic communication for international organizations.

It’s open to one post. claimed that qualifications included past employment at international events or high-level bilateral meetings, starting pay of $100 per hour and higher, and 1-2 years of interpreting experience.

7. Social media marketer

Social media marketer salaries: $73,673

It is predicted that employment will increase by 10%. (as fast as average)

Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok are used by social media marketers to connect with existing customers and attract new ones. As social media usage becomes a business need across all industries, there will likely be further growth in the demand for competent social media professionals.

8. Remote Data Scientist

Remote Data Scientist Salary: $120,000 to $150,000 on average

Demand for the position of data scientist has increased over the last several years. Professionals that specialize in data science utilize their knowledge of statistics, analytics, and programming to evaluate vast volumes of data. With such information, businesses may decide more wisely and learn how to improve their goods.

Degrees in computer science, data science, engineering, or a related field are necessary for a remote data scientist. Skills in maths, programming, data mining, and visualization are further required.

Remote or in-office positions in this industry are frequently well-paid. Also, your compensation increases with experience and higher levels of education (such as a Master’s).

9. Recruiter

Recruiters may earn between $100 and $250 per hour.

As a remote search consultant or recruiter, you would be in charge of finding exceptional employees and matching them with companies looking for the right skill sets. Even though this is a commission-based job, the company claims that its top producers earn between $200,000 and $550,000 each year.

As the job is totally remote, you would network over the phone and barter with employers and applicants to find the ideal match.

10. Project Manager

Pay for a project manager: $97,891

There will be 25 million extra jobs by 2030.

Nearly every industry in the economy has a need for project managers. In this role, you get to use your interpersonal and organizational skills to lead teams and effectively complete projects on schedule and within budget. Thanks to advancements in internet communication technology, working remotely as a project manager is now simpler than ever.


Hopefully, the information above has given you a better understanding of some of the best remote jobs available that pay well.

And keep in mind that there are many more employment levels and sectors than these. It’s good to know that there are other remote jobs with excellent compensation available. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that positions with greater seniority, experience, and/or education will pay more.

The information above aims to demonstrate how well-paying remote employment is even today. Those who have never worked from home may frequently ask whether remote employment pays less or need them to accept a wage reduction.

Definitely not!

But watch out; some employers may try to exploit the fact that you don’t commute by paying you less.