Why Equipment does not matter in Vlogging (Bigginner)

If you are thinking about to make vlog video on youtube then you must need to read this post.

One of my client asked me about how to start vlogging without any equipment, when you have no any money.

So if you are making video on “a day in my life” “Travel vlogs” etc then you need only a good mobile phone with good camera.

If you are making your first vlog video, then you have to pay attention to your video content, initially you do not have to pay attention to expensive cameras and tools.

Put 90 quality piece of content for 90 days on your youtube channel and see the improvement I am sure you will get good result.

Once you will start getting good response you can willing to buy Equipment for your vlogging setup

Decide and take action to upload a daily video for next 90 days.

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