How To Apply For Data Entry Jobs Online

By | July 13, 2020

It’s a hard time for everyone during this pandemic of Corona Virus, people are losing their jobs. Although there are no fresh jobs in the market and the offers we get are quite far away and we may have to shift to another location which is quite unsafe at this time due to the undeterred spread of the disease. But we must not be disappointed with all of these as we have come up with a safe way that you can do Online Data Entry Jobs working from your home only being safe from the virus.

Online Data Entry Jobs are quite a trend these days as it provides you the privilege of working from anywhere in the world and there is no restriction on the minimum time to devote. One can choose to work full-time or part-time. The payment of these jobs is also secured as it is the responsibility of the aggregator to secure your payment. So let us provide you with the details of such jobs.

What do Online Data Entry Jobs Involve:

The responsibility of a Data Entry Operator is to encode and transfer the data from hard copy to your computer in soft form. The data is to be recorded and transferred in data software like MS Excel, spreadsheets, and word processing software. A Data Entry Operator must do this job efficiently and effectively.

Previously, the data was recorded in books so the data entry work was done on paper but digital world paper has been replaced by Computers. With time and advancement in technology, the data entry job that was previously performed at the employer’s workplace can now be performed at any location which has made remote working popular.

Skills Required For Data Entry:

To be a Data Entry Operator, one must know various data entry and word processing software including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Apache Open Office, etc.

One must have a PC and a sound internet connection. Candidates with good experience, excellent writing, and communication skills have an advantage over the freshers.

Online Data Entry Salary:

The most common basis for the payment for Online Data Entry Jobs is the hourly rate. Although some employers also hire candidates on a yearly compensation or project basis. The rates can be anywhere from 5$ per hour to 15$ per hour as per the demand of the task and the employer.

Eligibility Criteria to Get an Online Data Entry Job:

  1. No compulsory Graduation is required even High School pass candidates can apply.
  2. Key-Strokes per hour Test must be passed with a minimum of 10,000 KPH rates.

Where to search for Online Data Entry Jobs:

  1.  One can search for work on platforms like Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and Indeed.
  2. One can register on inter-mediators like Fiver and Upwork, Freelancer.

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