Ideas & Script: For YouTube Channel Introduction

By | February 15, 2020

Want to have more views and subscribers on your YouTube channel, Your YouTube video introduction will play a vital role in your success.

A good YouTube channel intro can make a YouTube channel very welcoming. It shows the world who you are and what your channel is all about.

The perfect example to understand YouTube intros the importance of a Film trailer, because if you found something good in the movie trailer that feels you good. So you probably want to watch a complete movie because you liked the movie trailer.

The same things happen with your YouTube videos because if people like your channel introduction then they would like to watch your other videos.

Since first impressions are everything, this ranks among the best first YouTube video ideas.

Ideas for YouTube Channel Introduction

A bunch of intro-free videos is helpless to promote your channel or build your brand! A distinctive video intro to YouTube is like a logo for a business.


What Makes The Best YouTube Channel Introduction?

  • Introduce yourself
  • What type of videos do you make
  • Give a reason why people should watch your videos
  • Wrap-up your intro
  • Keep In Short
  • Hook your viewers in the first few seconds.

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Here are some of the other people’s suggestions on Quora

  1. First, decide what your channel is all about
  2. Tell your idea to your audience just as you tell it to your friend
  3. Let the audience know that you are ready to accept their comments/suggestions and implement them in your channel. Because, more the comments you get, you will rank high in YouTube
  4. Tell viewers to follow your social media pages ( if you are going to promote your channel via any such social media pages)

How to make an intro for a YouTube channel

  1. Use the Right Equipment
  2. Use the Editing Software
  3. Don’t Bore the Viewer!
  4. Take Out the Big Guns!
  5. Think About Branding
  6. Tell the Viewers When to Expect Fresh Videos

Remember, even the best intro in the world won’t do you any good if your videos are bad. It might have the opposite effect. (Read Full Details)


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