10 Awesome Vlogging Ideas that You Need To Try Now

By | May 3, 2019

Every vlogger is confused when it comes to starting his Channel on YouTube, a special beginner who doesn’t have much experience in vlogging,

don’t worry, today we are telling you the best vlogging ideas for your YouTube channel that makes your channel popular.

Your chance of achieving YouTube fame is much higher if you tried new ideas that have never been tried by another vlogger, that means you have to select vlogging ideas which people like to watch, and no one making videos on those ideas

Some Ideas are not good for your channel. Ideas are good for someone else’s channel. In this case, you have to select a topic that you can tell people and you are an expert or you know about it.

Vlogging depends on you how you do it, but one thing always remains in mind YouTube is the biggest popular platform if you want to be famous, then you must have some skills –

  • Must have passion for your niche
  • Need creative skills
  • You know video editing skills
  • you must have camera gear

10 Vlogging Ideas That You Need To Try Now

How To Video

How-to videos are the most popular youtube video in the entire world. we are like to watch more videos than other videos.

Do you have any talents which you know better than other people, and want to share your knowledge with across the world?

Why not make youtube videos?

make videos on, how to do any work or task with smartness, how to study, how to make food, how to make gadgets, how to make websites, how to make videos, how to dance, and how to make sweets.

make videos, how to do any work or task with smartness, how to study, how to make food, how to make gadgets, how to make a website, how to make videos, how to dance, how to make sweets,

Even to know how to video ideas please search on Google.

Prank Video

We get one or some prank video while we open youtube trending page. by this, we all know that people how much like prank videos.

Interested in making comedy and prank videos then this is the best time to start your youtube channel. you can make funny wines too.

We see that if a video is viral on YouTube, it is Prank and comedy video, and if such a video takes 10% traffic of another video then it is good

in prank videos, you have to invest a good amount of money too.

Motivation Video

This is an evergreen Idea, to start a youtube channel. Every video has a period, but there is no timeline, motivational videos are always seen when it is needed.

Can you motivate other people?  – If Yes

You have nice skills of speech in front of the camera, motivate other people as well. start making videos on motivation and share them with your social media.

People like to watch motivational videos daily, so go ahead and start making inspirational videos.

in Motivation, video editing you have to invest a good amount of money too.

Fashion Video Ideas

Are you a fashion lover? if yes then you can convert your passion into your professional work. make a good amount of money too.

videos you can make under the fashion category, stylish clothes, makeup, fashion videos, etc., and earn money from your fashion videos are the best niche for youtube.

To know more about fashion blogging please search on Google too.

Life Style Videos – Vlogs

My favorite youtube vlogging idea………….

To become a lifestyle vlogger we can make videos on the following topics- what you eat, what you wear, where you go, what is your work, etc.

People are making money by creating videos on lifestyle, you can also make videos if you have creativity about how to make lifestyle videos.

If you can tell your lifestyle to what you do, what you like, how you live in your life or where you are traveling. then start creating content about yourself.

Travelling – Vlogs

Traveling is another great vlogging idea (niche) for people, who want to travel the world. great way to earn money by traveling too.

People love traveling videos because they want to travel also, and travel bloggers get sponsorship and make good money also.

There is a good idea here but it is not so easy here, because traveling is not just about everyone, especially if you have to do it every day and make a video.

But if your passion is traveling, then you must do it, then you will enjoy life.

A Day-in-Life Video – Vlogs

What is your day in your life and how do you do it, even on this you can start vlogging.

A Day in the Life is the most popular vlogging idea also. many YouTube users have already made the YouTube video on this topic but now it is your turn, there is very low competition in this also, which is a good thing for you.

want to earn money by vlogging, why are you wasting time, go ahead and start making videos on A day in this life.

Interview a Celebrity

These topics are for those people who like to interview someone else. because people like to watch interviews with people, who are famous now and who had done hard work in their past life.

you can earn money and popularity by doing this, but you need to shoot daily videos. even you can publish one video per week.

Because youtube like creators who publish regular videos.

Tech Video – Camera and Gadgets etc

Tech video is the most watched video, if you are interested in the tech gadget in this, it can be a great opportunity for you.

All you need to do is, whatever new gadgets launch like mobile, camera, etc. you need to shoot video on your channel so people are connected to you.

By this, you can earn money from sponsored products as well.

Funny YouTube Video

This is a very interesting vlogging idea because, if you create content which is people watch and laugh at you means you are the next bhuvan bam of India.

Prepare a Script – Shoot – And Publish – Earn Money and Branding


New mobile phones and cameras, can also earn good money by unboxing these things. In the beginning, you have to spend a little bit of money so that you can buy it for a new gadget review.

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