How To Be A Funny Vlogger – Think About it

By | May 3, 2019

If you are looking for ideas to make your viewers laugh, consider these!

Become a funny vlogger, you can earn money like other vloggers do nowadays. It may seem strange to you a little bit but if you are a person who can laugh at others, then you can become a funny Vlogger.

How To Be A Funny Vlogger – Think About It

Now the question arises, how can you become a funny vlogger? There is a straightforward way to think that is easy but it is a bit difficult to do.

You have to invest a good amount of money as well. but it is possible if you have a passion for comedy videos and funny vlogs. you can make videos on daily lifestyle vlogs but it’s should be funny videos.

If you want to earn money by making funny videos, then you have to prepare a team for it because you will not be able to do it alone. You need different people for this, such as a video shooter video editor, etc.

If you make a lifestyle video then you do not need a team, people like to watch lifestyle videos like people watch videos of other vloggers.

Things You Should Have That Make You A Funny Vlogger

1. Comedy Skills

You should have good comedy skills means like other vloggers have skills like Amit Bhadana, bhuvan bam, and other vloggers, when you shoot your video your facial expression should be funny and real.

2. Funny Voice

Your voice played the main role in your video. like if you listening any comedy actor’s voice, you will feel her voice like funny.

That’s what I want to share with you that you must have a voice like funny you must have funny acting for funny vlogging.

3. Good Camera 

The camera plays an important part in the youtube journey if you create content with a good camera. then people would like to watch your videos more than other vloggers.

So a camera is the first thing that you must have, which means you should have a camera that is able to shoot high-quality videos. I am going to write a blog about the best camera for vloggers next week as well.

4. Great Mic 

your voice plays a huge role in your YouTube journey, you will need a mic to make this sound even better so that you can improve the quality of your voice.

5. Tripod and Gimbal 

To keep the video stability good, you will need a triangle and stamp or gambol to make the quality of your video even better.

6. Laptop 

To become a YouTuber, you have to edit your youtube video on popular software like adobe premiere and other software. you will need a good laptop for good speed of video editing

Funny Vlogs Ideas – 2023

If you are looking for ideas to make your viewers laugh, consider these! You might feel like you are consistently doing the same things in your vlogs and not coming up with enough new ideas.

1. Pranks

Pranks always do very well on YouTube and have a tendency to go viral which could get you a lot of views and subscribers. (Source)

2. Challenges

YouTube challenges are another great option if you are struggling to think of ideas for your vlog.

3. Reacting To

A reaction video is a video where you film yourself reacting to ‘something’.

So this is all about, how to be a funny vlogger. you should remember that thousands of people try to make vlogs every day but after a few days, they stop making video because it uses low-quality content, video editing and etc.

You have to provide better content, better video quality, and post regular content. engage with your audience through social media like Instagram and Facebook as well.

In my experience, the key to success at youtube is “Content/regularity” – Right or not?

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