Best Selling Crafts that Make Money

By | April 27, 2023

Due to the rising desire for homemade and handcrafted goods, selling crafts both offline and online may be a rewarding business venture. Yet, because there are so many possibilities and numerous elements to take into account, choosing what sorts of crafts to manufacture and sell for profit is sometimes difficult. All you require to know about producing crafts in 2023 that you can sell for a profit will be covered in this post.

Resin and polymer clay jewelry

Because of their adaptability and popularity as DIY crafts, both resin and polymer clay jewelry creations, which first became popular a few years ago, are still appearing all over the internet. The most typical type of polymer clay jewelry is made up of opaque geometric shapes in vivid hues, whereas resin jewelry is frequently characterized by materials like dried flowers that have been “kept” in a hard, transparent substance.

Both have a small learning curve and plenty of online tutorials, but they both demand some upfront material investment. Jewelry is a fantastic pastime, and since you can make several items in one batch, it’s also a simple craft to expand into a side business.


One of the most popular presents that people frequently purchase for friends and family on special occasions is handmade soap.

And the best part about manufacturing soaps is that they can be made quickly and affordably. Just be careful to look into any possible ingredient limitations to prevent upsetting international customers.

Wall Art

Many people opt for wall art while decorating their homes since it is one of the most popular objects. Wall art may be produced in a variety of ways, including simple paintings, computer artwork, and intricate 3D displays. But, because this is a crowded market, you might need to spend some time identifying your creative specialty and learning what sorts of goods your rivals are offering.

It’s important to use your creative voice and market the crafts you enjoy doing when it comes to wall décor. You may make wall art using techniques like oil paints, watercolors, digital printing, and more utilizing the various DIY tutorials available online.

Paper Flowers

Simple crafts like making and selling paper flowers have the potential to be lucrative small business ideas. Although being severely affected by the epidemic, the wedding services market is recovering and is projected to reach a value of up to $414 billion by 2030.

You may get a piece of that very large pie by selling paper flowers as eye-catching décor for weddings and other occasions. It’s simple to get started thanks to a wealth of free internet patterns and tutorials for paper flowers. Even better, making paper flowers is among the simpler crafts to master and costs relatively little upfront.

Braided Bracelet

Despite the many changes in trend, bracelets continue to be a favorite with shoppers of all ages. An excellent DIY project to make money off of is this braided bracelet.

For major events like birthdays and graduations, it is the ideal present suggestion. You may complement anyone or any outfit with these simple materials and a wide variety of colors and styles.

Christmas Ornaments

During the holiday season, a lot of individuals are seeking low-cost gift suggestions, and Christmas decorations certainly suit the bill. Customers can purchase it as a gift for others or for themselves, and a seasonal favorite is always available.

You may make one-of-a-kind handcrafted Christmas decorations that you can sell on your Etsy shop or show at a craft fair. If you’re thinking of anything like this, you can make your own ornaments and seasonal décor out of things like glass, paint, and clay.

Face Masks

Face masks are still in demand even if certain places no longer require them due to the spread of COVID variations. Moreover, face masks are frequently used in several regions of the world to prevent the spread of colds and the negative effects of pollution.

If you have a basic understanding of sewing, you may create your own fabric face mask template or follow internet guides to create and sell fabric face masks.


One of the most profitable industries in the world is the candle industry. Despite all technical advancements in lighting, there is still something special about lighting a candle that cannot be compared to using any other type of light.

There are several niches in the candle-making market to investigate, including those related to religion, birthdays, rituals, natural, fragrant candles, and many more.

Handmade candles are among the simplest crafts to produce and sell online since they are so in demand and because there is never a shortage of guides and supplies.

Scented items

Customers are buying candles and other scented products like diffusers in greater and greater numbers, particularly as gifts. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for simple crafts to produce and sell, you’ll need reasonably affordable materials like wax and essential oils to get started.

If you wish to employ essential oils or just plain smells for your products, you may make your own scent mixes. These goods may be bought and sold at craft shows or online through an Etsy store. Also, you may start selling goods like soy and wax melts, decorative candles, and other things like reed diffusers that buyers are yearning for.

Tote Bags

With alternatives for every level of creativity and experience, this is one of our list’s most adaptable craft ideas. Blank cotton tote bags can be purchased for a bargain price and then customized using silkscreening, beading, hand painting, textile dyeing, or embroidery.

For more experienced sewers, create your own tote bag pattern and sew it from scratch. Add pockets, closures, and other elements to make it uniquely yours.

Bath Bombs

Nowadays, bath bombs are really popular. They are easy to create, have a strong profit margin, and are made of inexpensive materials. It takes relatively little learning time to make those lovely pieces of color, fragrance, and joy, and they are highly popular.

The best part is that there are no restrictions on your creativity; experiment with various color schemes, fragrances, packaging, and even the titles of your bath bombs.