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By | August 8, 2021

Online Typing Jobs WFH: Hello guys, will you want to make an extra source of income or be in search of a full-time job? Ok, then this is the right place for you to find a way to generate a handsome income. This article will help you with the types of typing jobs, how much you can earn, the eligibility requirements, and where to apply to get the online typing job.

Online Typing Jobs WFH: Important Details

Online typing jobs require no investments; that is, the registration process is completely free. You should read the details carefully to acquaint yourself with excellent sources of extra income.

What is Online Typing Jobs WFH:

Every organization has a lot of typing work, clerical work, and management work. These kinds of work are to be maintained daily. Companies are nowadays recruiting people and allowing them to work from home online. All the clerical work or management work includes typing, data entry, etc. The companies may give you documents in pdf files and want you to convert that data into Word files or Excel files. They can ask you to enter data into forms. Or they can give you the work of rewriting books. The demand for online typing work is increasing as all organizations are shifting towards digital work. They want to maintain all the work on computers daily. You can work as per your available free hours and get paid accordingly.

How Much Salary Do You Get From Online Typing Jobs WFH:

The salary depends on you. The companies give salaries either task-based or hourly. So, the more you work, the more payment you will receive. Sometimes companies hire on a monthly salary basis. Or give the amount on weekends. On average, you can earn from $25 to $30 a day, and the monthly average wage will be from $800 to $1200. As your experience increases, then you can charge a higher hourly rate from the client.

Eligibility Requirements To Begin With Online Typing Jobs WFH:

Everyone can start online typing jobs. The person does not require to have higher degrees. A 12th-pass person with some other requirements can do the job easily. Look at the below list of requirements that you should fulfill before applying for online typing jobs.

  • Good typing skill is the key to getting a higher payment.
  • An email account is a must because you will get notified through emails.
  • Understanding MS- Word is essential.
  • You need to have a Bank account to accept the payment.
  • You must possess a laptop and Smartphone with a number, and internet connection.
  • You should give 2-3 hours of spare time to the online typing job.

What are The Types of Online Typing Jobs WFH:

Online typing jobs include various kinds of work. You will receive simple typing work, form-filling work, captcha writing work, data entry work, surveys, quizzes, etc. The type of work depends on the organization. All the organizations will give you input documents with instructions. Your task is to convert the input into output by following the instructions. Suppose you are asked to convert image data into Word files—book writing or marinating daily data. The chief types of online typing jobs are covered below.

  • Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment: Online data entry jobs are pure typing jobs. They may include painting Excel sheets. The job does not require any investment.
  • Form Entry Work: Form-filling work is an interesting job. The company will give you data for five or more forms. They also give you the output software credentials where you enter the data into fields. It would help if you did the typing work quickly and accurately.
  • Freelancing Typing Works/Job: Freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are posting jobs in almost every category daily. You can easily find typing work on these platforms. The registration process is free, and the payment method is verified.
  • Content Writing: The content writing job is a very comfortable job for the person who loves to express their thoughts. You can get content writing work from freelancing websites. This work includes article writing, blog writing, etc. The demand for content writing work is increasing as everyone wants the business to be online. And they maintain websites for the business.

Payment Scale For Online Typing Jobs WFH:

Each typing job has its rates based on the working hour and task. Would you please review the below table to know more regarding the payment structure of the typing jobs WFH?

Types of Online Typing WorkDaily Working TimingDaily Salary
Online Form Filling Job1 to 4 Hours$3 -$6
Content Writing Job2000-5000 Words$7 -$15
Simple Text Typing Job32 Pages$6 – $9
Data Entry Job4 to 5 Hours$4 – $16
Ad Copywriting Work1000-2000 Words$09 – $20
Audio To Text Conversion Job3 to 4 Hours$7 – $15
Translation Typing Job10 Pages$14 – $30
Proof-Reading Work2 to 3 Hours$8 – $22

Steps To Consider To Apply Online For Online Typing Jobs WFH

Online typing jobs can be available on freelancing websites, or you can search the job on websites like Indeed or When requiring full-time or part-time data entry operators, recruiters then post the requirement on a website like Indeed or Shine. Follow these steps.

  1. The first step is to make a shortlist of the Top Typing Job available vacancies.
  2. To apply for the online typing job.
  3. Follow the procedure and join the online typing job.
  4. Start Working as per the instructions and get paid into the account.

Round-1: Searching the Free Online Typing works without a registration fee and investment.

There are two options to search the online typing jobs. The first is, go to one of the freelancing websites and then make a profile there. Or another option is to submit your resume on a website like Indeed or Shine. And then they will show you the jobs available as per your location and requirements. Find an online typing job with no investment and apply. Some companies ask for registration fees, don’t go for those. They may be fake companies.

Round-2: Join The Online Typing Jobs From Home

On freelancing websites, you will see thousands of jobs available on your dashboard. Select some of them and then send the proposal to the client. Then the client will approve your job and then do the work as per the instructions. On Indeed and similar websites, you will get a mail from the recruiter, and then they will interview you or follow the hiring process. Then you have to grab the online typing job. Sometimes companies also give basic training before starting the job.

Round-3: Start Receiving Money by Typing Online

When you finish the online typing job, then you will get the money into your account. Some companies will release the payment after completing the job, some give on weekdays, and some give after completing a month. The payment method will be defined before the start of the online tying job.

Important Platforms to Check for Online Typing Jobs WFH:

Freelancer Check Here
Monster Check Here
Shine Check Here
Upwork Check Here
Indeed Check Here

Conclusion:  Guys, you have numerous options to earn money by sitting at home. For Online Typing Jobs, there are different-different kinds of work. All the work you can take from home. The hiring companies will not ask you to give a registration fee if they do not accept that job offer. They may be fake ones. Go for the free registration companies. In this article, you will get an overview of what are the types of online typing work available in the market, how you can start doing the job, and the payment method. So, guys, you can also do some more research if you want and then start for the online typing job. These jobs can give you $25 to $35 in a single day. For any queries, feel free to ask us. We are here to help you. All the best!

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