Zero Investment Online Typing Jobs: Salary Starting From $30

By | August 4, 2021

Online Typing Jobs Work From Home: People search for Side hustles to full fill their needs and dreams. If you are also in search of some kind of side income then this article will help you a lot. You will get a lot of information that how you can earn extra income by working 2-3 hours a day. Internet connection is everywhere and everyone has a smartphone. This is the time to utilize your free time wisely and convert your time into money.

There are many jobs which you can do from your home and one of the jobs is an online typing job. Online typing jobs do not demand higher study, 12th qualified persons can also do the job. Housewives, retired people, college-going students, anyone can make their hobby work 2-3 hours a day and earn up to $25 to $35 a day. Online typing job involves typing work and many more. So guys why wait for another time, read the complete article to get full details about online typing jobs and start earning.

Online Typing Jobs Work From Home: Important Details

What is Online Typing Job:

The term itself explains the meaning of typing jobs. The typing job involves text writing. It can be ebook writing or document writing or maintaining Excel sheets. The companies will provide you with raw data and they want you to write the data into the required format and the required software. They can give you images of the content and ask you to write what is written on the images. This is a vast field. The common part of the work is that you will write one form of data into the desired form. On the internet, many companies put online typing jobs daily.

How much Online Typing Job can give you:

Online work does not have the upper limit of income. The amount earned by anyone can depend on several circumstances like the skill of the person. experience level, the job for which you apply, the number of jobs available at that time, and there are other factors also. Anyhow one can earn from $25 to $35 in a single day and every month, you can earn up to $800 to $1200. Some company gives payment at the end of the week, some give at the end of the month and some will give you after the completion of the work/task.

Requirements of Online Typing Job:

Online typing jobs do not have high demand. Anyone can afford it. There is no qualification bound. The typing job requires typing skills, grammar skills, file organizing skills, and communication skills. These are the qualities a person should have. And on the hardware side, you should have a laptop, internet, etc. Please check the below list for the requirements. You should have these things before you start the online typing jobs.

  • You should have good typing skills.
  • You should have a working email account.
  • Knowledge of MS- Word is necessary.
  • You must have a Bank account for the payment purpose.
  • For online jobs, a Smartphone and laptop with an internet connection is a must requirement.
  • Also, you should have 2-3 hours of free time for online work.

Types of Online Typing Jobs:

Online typing jobs are categorized into many fields depending on the format of the typing work. The typing work can be a simple data entry or filling out the forms, etc. Check the below types for further details.
  • Online Data Entry Work: Online data entry work can be started free of cost. This work has simple data which the company wanted to put on the online software or into Word files. The company will tell you exactly where to write and what is the format of the output document. You must meet the basic requirements mentioned above to do the job.
  • Form Filling Work: Form filling is also a job. This job will require entering 4 to 5 forms daily. Here you should have accuracy while putting the data into the fields of the form. This is also a zero-investment job.
  • Freelancing Typing Work: Freelancing jobs are available on numerous platforms like Upwork, indeed. You will get the links at the bottom of the article. The freelancing website puts several jobs in different categories daily. You have to search for typing jobs and then apply for that job on the freelancing platform. Here you will get paid after the completion of the job.
  • Content Writing Work: Content writing is a good career if you have a passion to write, and a passion to express your thoughts. For content writing, your English or grammar should be good. But if they are not so good then don’t worry. There are a few software and applications which help you like Grammarly. You can take help from this software and can earn up to $10 to $15 for 1000 words.
Check here the salary details as per the type of work and time spent daily.
Typing Work TypesAverage Pay-outDaily work Daily Earnings
Form Filling Work$1 – $2 Per Form1-4 hours per day$2 -$6
Content Writing WorkRs. 0.202000-5000 Words$6 -$15
Simple Typing WorkRs. 10 –1530 Pages in a day$4 – $8
Data Entry WorkRs. 50 –200 per hourly4-5 hours per day$4 – $15
Ad Copywriting WorkRs. 0.75 per word1000-2000 Words$9 – $20
Audio To Text ConversionRs. 150 – Rs.300 per Hour3-4 hours per day$8 – $14
Translation Typing WorkRs. 100 – Rs.200 per page10 Pages per day$15 – $35
Proof-Reading WorkRs. 200 – Rs.500 per Hour2-3 hours per day$8 – $25

Steps To Consider To Apply Online For Online Typing Jobs/ Work From Home

You are amazed to know that the process of earning money by sitting at home is not so difficult. The creation of an account can be as simple as the creation of a Facebook account. You should follow the steps and consider some tips to get hires quickly on freelancing websites and for other companies. Check the below steps to embark on your journey.

  1. Check and made a list of the Top Typing Job Openings
  2. follow the steps to apply for them
  3. Accept the invitation and Join them
  4. Complete the work and Get paid for the work done.

STEP-1: Find out the Free Online Typing jobs without any registration charges.

Create your account on the freelancing websites (check the links given below). Mention your skill as typing work and also highlight other skills you have on your profile. You can search for jobs from local companies also. Indeed post nearby jobs. You can also find out full-time typing work and be associated with a single company for a long time. You have two options either submit your resume to some companies or build your account on freelancing websites.

STEP-2: Immediate Joining of Typing jobs from Home

If the company finds your resume suitable for the job then they immediately hire you. And on freelancing websites, you have to send proposals to the client and grab the individual job. If the client is happy with your work then in the future he will contact you again. Freelancing jobs are like business and communication skills will help you a lot.

STEP-3: Start Earning Money Online From Home

The companies will hire you on a monthly salary basis or per job basis. Freelancing websites give you payment when a job is completed. The freelancing website transfers the amount to your bank account.

Important Links to Follow for Online Typing Jobs/Work From Home:

These are the platforms that post job openings on a daily basis. You can search for the job as per the locality where you live and the category of work you want to do. Click on the following links and search a little bit over there. You will understand how it goes.

FreelancerCheck Here
MonsterCheck Here
ShineCheck Here
UpworkCheck Here
IndeedCheck Here

Conclusion: Hey guys what are you waiting for? Check the details carefully and then follow the steps, you can search more on the internet and then start the online typing jobs. There are other online jobs also. You can do that also. Here is the courage needed to start online jobs. After you begin the online work then the path is clear and will give you satisfying money. Some freelancers start to work part-time and they are now doing jobs full time. Their monthly income varies from 2 to 3 lakh. If you find other difficulties in finding the job then drop us a message, we are here to help you. All the best!

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