Captioning Jobs for Beginners ($11- $18/hour)

By | April 30, 2023

Are you a new captioner seeking a reputable job? To make audio or video content accessible to those with hearing impairments or for those who want to read along with the content, captioning, also known as subtitling, entails adding written text. It’s a useful service that is in demand across several sectors, including media, education, entertainment, and more. This is a guide on legitimate captioning jobs for beginners if you’re interested in investigating captioning as a prospective career path.

What is Captioning?

The method for including written text in multimedia content, such as videos, movies, TV shows, and live broadcasts, is known as captioning. It enables viewers who might have hearing impairments or language barriers, or who prefer to watch content without sound to understand the spoken words, sounds, and other audible information. There are two types of captions: closed captions, which viewers can enable or disable, and open captions, which are constantly displayed on the screen.

To give people who can’t fully rely on auditory information a complete viewing experience, captioning goes beyond merely transcribing spoken words and also includes conveying crucial auditory information, such as sound effects, background music, speaker identification, and other pertinent audio cues.

Where To Find Captioning Jobs?

Below you will find a list of websites that will help you find your desired job.

A well-known and reliable website called provides entry-level captioning work. For a variety of media, including movies, TV shows, videos, and more, they offer captioning services. You may set your own pace and select jobs that match your schedule with’s flexible work hours. You must first complete a test to confirm your captioning abilities before you can take jobs and start making money.


Another well-known website that provides captioning opportunities for newcomers is CaptionMax. They offer closed captioning services for business, educational, web, and broadcast media. You must be proficient in both the English language and captioning software to use CaptionMax. They give possibilities for progression as you acquire experience and provide training and assistance to help you enhance your captioning abilities.


The freelancing website Upwork provides a variety of employment options, including entry-level captioning positions. You may bid on captioning jobs that are posted by a lot of content producers, companies, and organizations on Upwork and provide your captioning skills. Upwork is a flexible alternative for novices since it gives you the freedom to establish your prices, select your tasks, and work at your speed.

3Play Media

Beginners can find remote captioning employment at 3Play Media, a reputable captioning provider. For a range of businesses, including the media, education, and government, they offer captioning services. You must be very proficient in language and punctuation in addition to knowing captioning software to work with 3Play Media. To ensure that you are successful in your captioning position, they offer training and assistance.


An international captioning business called AI-Media offers entry-level captioning positions. They offer captioning services to corporations, media enterprises, and educational institutions. You must be proficient in grammar and punctuation in addition to knowing captioning software to work at AI-Media. They provide prospects for growth as well as training and assistance to help you enhance your captioning abilities.

Freelance captioning

In addition to the networks described above, websites or job boards for independent contractors, such as Freelancer, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour, also post captioning jobs. You may build your profile on these networks, highlight your talents, and submit bids for captioning jobs that clients have placed. Those who wish to begin freelancing and establish their clientele can choose this route.

Local captioning companies

You might also look for nearby captioning businesses that might hire novice captioners on a part-time or remote basis. These businesses could offer captioning services for nearby conferences, events, or other media material. To learn more about prospective opportunities, contact nearby media outlets, educational institutions, or accessibility services.

Make careful to properly investigate and confirm the validity of the work possibilities before applying for captioning jobs. Find trustworthy businesses or platforms with good reviews and a history of paying their employees on schedule. Watch out for job advertising or possible scams that ask you to send money up ahead or disclose personal information without sufficient verification.

How To Get Started As a Subtitler?

Making precise and timed subtitles for videos or movies requires a specific talent called subtitling. For freelance writers, language aficionados, and anyone with an interest in translating audiovisual content, it’s a well-liked profession. Here are some methods to get started if you want to become a subtitler:

Step 1: Improve Your Linguistic Skills

You must be fluent in at least one additional language to work as a subtitler. There are chances for other language pairings as well, but English and another language are the most typical subtitling combinations. The language you will be working with must be spoken and written at a native level, and you must have a thorough awareness of its grammar, syntax, and cultural subtleties. To effectively record spoken speech, you might also need to possess exceptional listening abilities.

Step 2: Improve Your Abilities in Subtitling

More than simply language ability is needed for subtitle production. You’ll require the following abilities to succeed:

Time-coding: For subtitles to effectively time-code with audio or video, you’ll need to learn how to use specialist software.

Learn how to make subtitles using popular subtitling programs like Subtitle Edit, Aegisub, or CaptionMaker by becoming familiar with them.

Grammar and accuracy: Subtitles must be grammatically and historically accurate. Review spelling, punctuation, and grammar in both the source language and the target language.

Step 3: Acquire Knowledge

Like any occupation, being an expert subtitler requires experience. To get started, make your subtitles to use with videos, TV episodes, or movies in your target language. To identify any errors and enhance your abilities, compare your work with expert subtitles. To obtain practical experience, you can also volunteer to subtitle movies for nonprofit organizations or work with online language communities.

Step 4: Establish Your Portfolio

Having a portfolio of your work is crucial if you want to effectively market your abilities to customers or employers as a subtitler. Make a portfolio of your best subtitles that demonstrates your accuracy, timeliness, and commitment to subtitling standards. Before utilizing any, be sure to get the owner’s permission.

Step 5: Locate Subtitling Jobs

It’s time to start looking for subtitling employment once you’ve gotten some experience and developed your portfolio. Here are a few possibilities:

Join freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr, where clients post subtitle jobs, to get subtitle employment.

Companies that specialize in subtitling: Various businesses use subtitles for a range of tasks. Find subtitling firms online, then look for employment openings on their websites or get in touch with them to ask about chances.

Subtitles are frequently needed by translation organizations for their projects. To be eligible for work, research translation companies that handle subtitling and submit your résumé and portfolio.

Connect with other industry experts by joining online communities, forums, or organizations devoted to subtitling or translation. They could know of employment openings or be able to recommend you to potential customers.

Step 6: Quality and professionalism

It’s crucial to remain professional and provide top-notch work as a subtitler. respect client deadlines, communicate clearly with them, and execute their requests. Ensure that your subtitles are precise, timed, and compliant with industry standards. Your professional standing and the caliber of your work will be essential to developing a successful career in subtitling.

Skills Needed for Captioning Jobs

You’ll need to master the following abilities to succeed in a captioning position:

  • Captioners must be proficient at typing quickly and accurately since they caption videos in real-time or offline. Competence in the language of the material being closed-captioned is essential.
  • Captioners must be fluent in both the source and the target language’s grammar, punctuation, and syntax (if translating).
  • Captioners must have great listening abilities to faithfully translate spoken speech and other audio aspects.
  • Software for captioning: Equipment and software familiarity are crucial. It’s crucial to be skilled in using the different specialist captioning software alternatives available, like Aegisub, CaptionMaker, and Subtitle Edit.
  • Attention to Detail: To produce accurate and error-free captions, captioners must be careful and detail-oriented.
  • Time management: As captioning jobs sometimes have short deadlines, effective time management is essential to finishing projects on time.

How to Begin a Career in Captioning?

These are some methods to get started if you want to pursue a profession in captioning:

Acquire Necessary Skills: Captioning demands quick and accurate typing as well as great language abilities, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Depending on the sort of captioning employment, proficiency with stenographic equipment, speech recognition software, and captioning software may also be needed.

Acquire Experience: To begin, practice captioning with a variety of content, including videos, movies, TV shows, and live events. To demonstrate your abilities to potential clients or companies, you may also compile a portfolio of your work.

Research Captioning Companies: Search for platforms or firms that employ captioners and offer captioning services when doing your research on captioning. study their specifications and applicability.