How To Start Selling On Jumia?

By | April 30, 2023

It is very beneficial to sell your goods on the Jumia Online Store, one of the best eCommerce sites in Africa. It lessens stress and advertising expenses. Jumia takes care of all those details, which is why. Simply said, the vendor/seller must make his or her goods accessible to the clients whenever they place an order for them. Selling is a matter of numbers, and Jumia Online Store already has the number thanks to its millions of global clients.

How to Sell on Jumia 2023?

Here, I provide you a concise tutorial on how to sell as a vendor on Jumia Online Store and earn a sizable profit. You will discover how to register and list products to start selling on Jumia in this post, as well as what the Seller Center is and how to utilize it.

1. Go to the Jumia Vendors Portal

To begin selling on Jumia, you must first go to the Jumia vendor website, review all the terms and conditions, and if you are happy, continue to sign up.

2. Have a Registered Company

Once your business is registered, you will appear more credible. This demonstrates another aspect of your seriousness. Thus, register your firm if you don’t already have one. The Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C.) in Nigeria is tasked with registering businesses. Either incorporate your firm or register a business name.

3. Participate in the specialized new seller training

As a new vendor, you will be asked to complete the specific training after registering. The course is conducted both locally and online (on YouTube). The training’s goal is to make you a better online merchant and an eCommerce guru.

4. Learn about the Seller Center

All management of your online shop is done through the Seller Center once you have registered. With the use of this portal, you can manage your sales, add goods, change your product information, examine a summary of recent sales, and more. It is a one-stop shop that makes managing your Jumia sales account easier.

Some of the things you can accomplish through Seller Center are listed below.

  • Keep an eye on your stock and regularly update your listings.
  • See orders placed over the Jumia network.
  • Take part in the marketing campaigns
  • Tools for customer metrics may be used to track your seller performance.

5. At least 20 products are available for sale

Without items, earning money is impossible. Selling high-quality goods is the foundation of Jumia. Your objective and presence on Jumia won’t be successful if you don’t have any goods to sell. The things you intend to offer on Jumia should be chosen with care and attention. If you can provide a better price than what others are offering on Jumia, you can also enter the “sea” of sellers and compete to get visibility and sales. It is often a good idea to sell a specialized product that others are not selling.

The reality is that Jumia gives all sellers an equal chance to succeed and will promote your goods on all of its marketing channels without prejudice. Quality, applicability, and pricing are therefore crucial in generating sales, and what you have to offer must be marketable. Consider this carefully before joining in the “smoking” using items intended for sale.

6. Optimize Your Listings

To achieve the greatest results while listing your goods, you need to engage in some SEO (search engine optimization). People use Jumia to look for specific items they wish to purchase, such as “iPhone 14.”

You must optimize your listing if you want your items to appear on Jumia anytime the search term is typed. You can do this by adhering to the instructions below.

  • Improve the title of your product by making sure it contains a keyword. a White Apple watch, as an illustration.
  • Make sure the product name occurs several times in your description to maximize it.
  • Improve the product image: Take clear, high-quality pictures of the items you’re selling, and make sure they’re the Jumia-recommended size.

7. Upload Product Images

In the actual world, individuals make purchases based on seeing and touching items, but when they shop online, they are only able to look, and the images that are displayed to them will help them decide what to buy.

Jumia is a virtual marketplace for digital technologies that specializes in online marketing and shopping. “Imagery” technology is used to showcase and advertise products. You must post high-quality photographs of your items to Jumia as a vendor, along with a properly written, marketable, and simple-to-understand description of each item’s primary selling points.

Jumia Seller Center: What is it?

Vendors on Jumia utilize the Jumia Seller Center application to upload and handle orders placed on the Jumia Online Store. As a Jumia vendor, you have access to the crucial data you need to manage your sales, add items, amend your product details, get an overview of actual transactions, etc. through this site.
This website serves as a one-stop shop for managing your Jumia sales account. You may manage your Jumia store from anywhere at any time by using this interface.

Delivery Instructions on Jumia Seller Center

Jumia offers you two crucial ways to have your items delivered. As follows:

1. Have your shipments ready and deliver them to Jumia’s VDO stations: It implies that although Jumia takes care of delivering your goods to your consumers, you are in charge of keeping all of your products, packing the orders, and transporting them to the VDO stations.
2. You have a Jumia Express subscription: Send your goods to Jumia so they can manage their stock and swiftly make them accessible for purchase. That implies that Jumia packages and sends the ordered item directly to the client.

You discovered how to begin selling on Jumia in this article. In order to collect money for each completed transaction on the e-commerce platform, we demonstrated how to register, utilize the Seller Center, process an order, and deliver the same.

What are you waiting for now that you have this information? Sign up with Jumia today to start selling more items and increasing your daily revenue. Send us your thoughts on the matter, along with any recommendations you may have.

With this knowledge in hand, there is no longer anything stopping you. Sign up at the Jumia Seller Center right now to start selling more items and increasing your daily revenue. Cheers!