Part-Time Job Options in the USA for International Students

By | April 29, 2021

The United States of America has the most number of top-ranked universities in the world. The USA is known for its world’s best-class education facilities with world-class infrastructure which is why the US is a top choice for higher studies among International students from across the world. Being a top choice for higher studies the cost of education is also the highest in US universities and colleges.

An International student needs to pay a high cost of education in the form of college fees and living expenses as well. The cost of studies can be funded through self or an education loan. But the living expenses need to be covered by a student through some part-time job.

Getting a part-time job in the USA is quite easy and it will not only help you to cover some of your expenses but will also let you connect with more and more people in a foreign land.

So this article will provide you with all the details that an International Student must know before looking for a Part-Time Job in the USA.

Part-Time Work Options for International Students in the USA

  1. On-Campus Job Opportunities: The best choice for an International student is always an on-campus job as one can join his job after completing his classes and does not need to travel extra for work commitments. This way a student easily saves time and money that could have been spent on traveling. The other benefit is that he or she would be able to grow his or her on the campus which is always helpful in the future.              An international student can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during class days and 40 hours per week during break days.
  2. Off-Campus Job Opportunities: You can explore off-campus job opportunities as well if you have passed your first year of the course.

Where to look for information on a part-time job if you are an International Student in the USA?

  1. Online Job Portals: The easiest and cheapest way to find information on a part-time job is to browse through online job portals like LinkedIn or else. The advantage you will have is that you don’t have to travel and pay any expenses for looking for a part-time job.
  2. Student Union and Student Support Office on the campus: Every US university has its dedicated student support union and office on the university campus itself, especially for the International student community. They will help you get training and internship experience and a part-time job as well whatever you ask for.

On-Campus Part-time job opportunities for International Students

  1. Research Assistant: In universities, there happens a lot of research for which students are recruited as Research Assistants under which they have to work on various projects and increase participation in the research projects.
  2. Teaching Assistant: A teaching assistant helps a full-time Professor in his daily classes and other tasks. A good teaching assistant with teaching experience also gets to teach in the class in the absence of the teacher himself.
  3. Catering Assistant: A student can work as a catering assistant in any food court or coffee shop on campus.
  4. Library Assistant: He is the one who needs to make sure things are well-maintained in the library and helps the visitors in locating books and sometimes assisting the library staff.
  5. Campus Ambassador: A campus or student ambassador promotes and informs prospects about the courses available on the campus etc.

Off-Campus Part-time job opportunities for International Students

  1. Customer Support: A customer support executive informs and promotes the products and services offered by the organization to its customers along with resolving their queries if any.
  2. Store Assistant: One can work at any retail or wholesale store carrying out administrative tasks and assisting the customers in shopping and locating any product in the store etc.
  3. Translator: One can work as a translator if he or she knows two languages and can speak and communicate very effectively.
  4. Babysitter: A babysitter needs to take care of a baby or babies of any parent at home as per their agreement verbal usually.

Pay that one can get as an International Student for a part-time job in the United States of America

A minimum wage of 7.25 US$ per hour is to be paid by an employer to any worker in the United States.


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