Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand for International Students

By | April 29, 2021

If you are currently studying in New Zealand as an International Student or are planning to study there shortly as an International Student then this article is for you.

Studying and Living in a foreign country like New Zealand is too expensive and an International Student can cover some of the living and other expenses by working on a part-time basis. This article has all the details that an International student must know before looking for a part-time job in New Zealand. So here we go.

International Students are allowed to work in New Zealand but they have to follow certain Rules and Regulations to do Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand which are provided below:

  1. A Valid Student Visa: An International student must have a valid student visa and must keep renewing the same before the visa expiry deadline.
  2. The candidates can work for up to 20 hours per week if they are enrolled in a full-time course.
  3. The course duration must be a minimum of 02 years.
  4. The course must be valid so that you are included in the Skilled Migrants community.
  5. Students can work for unlimited hours during holidays provided the course they are pursuing has a 120 credits system with a minimum duration of 08 months at least.
  6. An International student can work full-time during Christmas and New Year provided that they are pursuing a full-time course that has a minimum study period of 08 months and 02 semesters in a year.
  7. The candidates enrolled in a Master’s or Ph.D. can work for unlimited hours as there are no restrictions for them.

After landing in New Zealand, a student can ask any question or get the query resolved by directly contacting the student support service and guidance center that may be located on the campus itself or anywhere else.

Venues for searching for a part-time Job in New Zealand for an International Student:

  1. On-Campus Student Support Service: One of the most useful places an international student can visit and take help is the Student Support Service Center on the campus itself. There is always such a facility on the campus that provides students with all the guidance and help to get a part-time job.
  2. Bulletin and Notice Boards: Notice and Bulletin Boards on the campus provide information about any part-time job opportunity that one can pursue to earn on a part-time basis to cover daily living expenses.
  3. Student Job Search: Student Job Search is a national body in New Zealand which is providing assistance and information about part-time jobs to International students in New Zealand. One who wants to work on a part-time basis can approach them it will be a very effective method as you will get a job pretty soon after approaching them.
  4. Online Job Portals: One can check the online job portals popular in New Zealand to find a part-time job of your choice.

Part-Time Job Options that an International Student can go for:

  1. Retail Sales Assistant: One can easily get a job as a retail sales assistant at any retail store by approaching them with a suitable schedule that you can manage besides your studies.
  2. Super Market Assistant: There are plenty of jobs in supermarkets and one can get a part-time job there easily as an assistant.
  3. Seasonal Workers: One can also take up a job in any industry of seasonal nature. A student can do so during his or her summer break.
  4. Kitchen Hand/ Waiter: One can also look for a job as a kitchen hand where they need to clean dishes and utensils in the kitchen or any other task assisting the main kitchen staff including a server or a chef. Similarly, getting a job as a waiter is also easy.
  5. Bartender: Students (Above 18 years) can easily work as Bartenders as these jobs need to be performed starting from evening till midnight.
  6. Call Center Jobs: Call Center job can be grabbed if you have good communication skills in English and are ready to work there.

Pay and Tax Rules for International Students in New Zealand

An International Student no matter which job he or she is doing is eligible to receive a minimum pay of 18.90 NZ$ per hour. One will be taxed at a rate of 10.5% and they must have their IRD number from the New Zealand Tax Authority.

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