Part-Time Job Options in Canada for International Students

By | April 29, 2021

If you are looking for a part-time job in Canada being an International Student then this article will help you out in your search for a Part-Time Job in Canada.

When you are an International Student in a foreign country then it is obvious that you are bearing high costs of tuition fees, living expenses, travel, and other miscellaneous expenses. To cover up all these expenses the only option an International student has is to start doing a Part-Time Job. Although, an international student in Canada is required to have a GIC secured that is enough just to cover up the living expenses but not for paying the tuition fee for the next semester or next year.

Part-Time Job Regulations For International Students In Canada

An international student in Canada is required to abide by the following rules and regulations to keep working legally in Canada:

  1. An international student in Canada is authorized to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during regular college days.
  2. During holidays, an International student can work for a maximum of 40 hours per week.
  3. The candidate must hold a Social Insurance Number.
  4. The candidate must hold a valid student visa.

Top 10 Part-Time Job Opportunities for International Students in Canada and Their Pay Scale

  1. Bookkeeper: 25 C$/hour
  2. Sales Assistant: 12 C$/hour
  3. Customer Service Assistant: 11 C$/hour
  4. Office Assistant: 13-15 C$/hour
  5. Cook: 13 C$/hour
  6. Program Facilitator: 13 C$/hour
  7. Uber Driver: 14-25 C$/hour
  8. Nanny: 14 C$/hour
  9. Server/ Bartender: 74 C$/night
  10. Dog Walker: 14 C$/hour

We have provided the details on the specified job opportunities that you can grab for your part-time earnings:


A bookkeeper is a person who is responsible for maintaining books of accounts and keeping records of transactions daily. A bookkeeper must know accounts and mathematics to be good in this field.

Sales Assistant

A Sales Assistant is a person who is required to generate sales and maintain cordial relations with current and prospective customers. A Salesperson must be one with a positive attitude and must be able to handle rejections. A Sales Assistant along with the above must provide service to the customers and resolve their queries as soon as possible.

Customer Service Assistant

Anyone with good communication skills in a particular language can take up the role of a Customer Service Assistant. The roles and responsibilities include solving customer queries and complaints and providing them the solution as soon as possible. Along with serving customers, a Customer Service Assistant (CSA) is also given the task to generate sales for the company as it is easier for them to do while connected on a call with the clients.

Office Assistant

An office assistant is provided with the daily tasks of an office including maintaining proper order of files, and materials in the office. He is also required to welcome visitors and also work as an attendant attending to those visiting the office physically and also attending to the phone calls.


Cook as all of us know is a person who cooks and prepares food and makes sure the food is prepared as per the menu and the as per the customer’s order. Pursuing a career as a cook is one of the most rewarding ones in Canada. The career comes with great rewards and perks along with social security and recognition.

Program Facilitator

A program facilitator is provided with the task to execute a program including all the functions required to complete the project. A Program Facilitator reports to a Program Director. The tasks required to be performed include conducting Training sessions, community programs, community service, etc.

Uber Driver

Working as a Uber Driver is also quite common nowadays among the International Student Community in Canada. All you need is a Valid Car Driving License that’s all.


One of the part-time jobs is working as a Nanny. If you love being around kids then this job is perfect for you as you will be doing what you love and will be paid at the same time.

Server/ Bartender

A Server or a Bartender is required to serve Food or Alchohol to the customers. These jobs can easily be grabbed as these are mainly for part-timers.

Dog Walker

A Dog Walker is required to take care of a Pet Dog. They need to take them on a Walk daily, to the veterinary doctor whenever required, and also need to provide food and water.

How to find a Part-Time Job in Canada?

One can look for a part-time job on-campus or off-campus. On-campus jobs can be found easily on campus in Ads and Notices on-campus. To find a job off-campus one needs to check in the Newspaper or online job advertisements.

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