Part-Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

By | April 29, 2021

If you are a student studying in Australia then you must be looking for a part-time job opportunity. Part-Time jobs help International students cover their daily living expenses and bills along with some tuition fees. In this article, we have provided all the details that will be a perfect guide for the candidates in the search for a Part-Time Job in Australia.

Check out the job roles that one can get for a part-time job, the pay per hour applicable, and the skills and qualifications required to get the job and perform the duties upon being appointed.

Australia is one of the top choices among International students for their higher studies due to the flexible rules for International students for Part-Time Jobs. Here are the rules and regulations that make it legal to work on a part-time basis for International students:

Regulations for Part-Time Job For International Students In Australia:

The following are the regulations that apply to International Students if they want to work on a Part-Time basis during their studies:

  1. A student must be studying with a valid student visa.
  2. The course must be approved by the Government of Australia.
  3. The student must be attending the course sessions for the minimum specified attendance requirements.
  4. The student must be abiding by the rules and regulations of the land and must be covered by the required health insurance coverage.
  5. The students can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

If a student is found not abiding by the rules and regulations, then the state has all rights to cancel a student visa at any point in time.

Where to search for a Part-Time Job if you are an International Student

Getting a part-time job is not that difficult as compared to a full-time one anywhere in the world and Australia is not an exception. The first thing one needs to have to grab any part-time job is the skill required to perform the duty. There is no need to have any good educational background as skills matter more than academics. The first step is to get ready a CV specifying your skills and interests that matches the job requirements. A student must ensure to get the right job that he can perform alongside pursuing his or her studies as there he may have to work rotational shifts or may have to travel a lot. So, choose one that suits your schedule and the location of the studies. Here are a few of the modes where it would be feasible to look for a job opportunity:

  1. Online Job Portals: The first place to find a part-time job is an online job portal as here you will easily find a job opportunity of your choice by applying filters. One can apply online and can also contact the employer directly through the official contact details. The best thing about Online Job Portals is that you can look for a job of your choice sitting at home without traveling a single mile at all.
  2. Local Newspaper Advertisements: One can also check out the jobs and vacancies section of the local newspaper and can contact the employer for the advertised job opportunity.
  3. Ask for References: When you are an Internation student in a foreign country then it is obvious that you do not know anyone except the teachers and students at the Institute. So you can also ask them for any references. It is easier to get a job through references.
  4. On-Campus Opportunities: Students may also look for any job opportunity on campus as there are a lot of them in libraries, labs and parking lots etc.

Part-Time Job Profiles for International Students in Australia

Here are some of the Part-Time Jobs roles that one can take up easily if you have the required knowledge and skills:

  1. Tutor Jobs: If you are a student but also have good knowledge and previous academic experience of a particular subject then you can apply for any part-time tutor vacancy on-campus or off-campus.
  2. Hospitality Sector: This sector is the largest one providing part-time job opportunities for international students. One can find a job easily at nearby Hotels, Restaurants, Food, and Coffee Cafes like waiters, cashiers, Delivery boys, helpers, chefs, etc.
  3. Bartender Jobs: Getting a job as a Bartender is quite easy in Australia. You can work in shifts and students can easily adjust their studies in a bartender job.
  4. Customer Care: Jobs in a Customer Care department are easily available and one can get one easily if you have good communication skills.

Pay Scale and Applicable Taxes

  1. Private Tutor: A$ 20 to 40 per hour
  2. Cashier: A$ 21 to 25 per hour
  3. Delivery Boy: A$ 8 to 12 per Delivery
  4. Waiter/ Waitress: A$ 21 to 25 per hour
  5. Bartender: A$ 22-25 per hour
  6. Customer Care Executive: A$ 25-30 per hour

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